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  Welcome to the website of the Barn Owl Conservation Network.
This web site was launched in March 2002 and you will find plenty of information about Barn Owls and their conservation right here. Can't find what you are looking for? Email us your questions or post a message on the Forum page, where others interested in Barn Owls can swap information with you.

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Barn Owls inspire a great many projects, with many people all over the world. Here we link you to some selected UK websites related to Barn Owl conservation.

For barn owl 'A' frame nestboxes built to Barn Owl Conservation Network specification visit Gardenature's web site:
  • Gardenature

  • The BTO carry out the Barn Owl Monitoring Programme, a survey of known breeding sites around the UK, which had funding from The Sheepdrove Trust. This fantastic national study has data contributed voluntarily by conservationists around the country, including BOCN Advisors and networked local Barn Owl groups. This project commenced in the year 2000 and ran for 10 years and gathered information every year to learn more about the population dynamics of Barn owls in the UK.

  • The BBC

  • The RSPB…

    Some of our BOCN Network Advisors and networked Barn Owl groups have their own websites…

  • The World Owl Trust, was established by Tony Warburton, a well-known author on Barn Owls. Their website explores taxonomy, laws and details of the history behind their work.

  • Wirral & Ellesmere Port Barn Owl Trust are an active local group, with a nwebsite which links well with other Cheshire groups and projects and includes advice on barn owl conservation.

  • The website for Cheshire's Barn Owl conservation projects.

  • The Raptor Trust
    This is just one of many wildlife sanctuaries around the country – so please don’t overwhelm them!

    Skyhunter Books

  • If you find an injured Barn Owl - please contact a veterinary surgeon or specialist rehabilitator.
  • To discover your local bird of prey 'rescuer', and to get further advice, please telephone Raptor Rescue on 0870 241 0609 or contact the R.S.P.C.A. or your local Wildlife Trust. BACK TO HOME PAGE - click here.

    A short list of websites elsewhere in the world…
    These are not all links, but you can copy the URL addresses to find them on the internet. Kerkuilwerkgroep - The official website of the volunteer protection group for the Barn Owl in Flanders (Belgium). This website is written in Dutch.

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