Dusk Until Dawn

This new book by Martin Bradley, brings children closer to understanding the barn owl’s world of mystery and intrigue through rhyme, large colour images, cartoons and points of fact. Here in Martin’s book the barn owl’s life history and the problems it faces in our modern world are distilled into an exciting journey of easy reading and illustrative genius.

On behalf of the Barn Owl Conservation Network, I am delighted to support Dusk Until Dawn. You will see in my Foreword how we are keen to promote the book to children, their parents, grandparents and teachers. It is also firing interest as a ‘coffee table’ book from other walks of life, not surprising perhaps because of its stunning artwork and fun owl caricatures.

The book which provides page after page of fun is written as an educational aid but most importantly helps children to appreciate wild barn owls and hopefully encourages a new generation to continue the conservation work which is so necessary. The book has been geared towards Stage 1 of the National Curriculum. To support this Martin has recently produced a series of ten fact cards about owls to assist teachers when using the book in class. The cards will soon be available from teaching web sites to download.

Individuals, teachers and others involved with children’s groups can purchase one or more copies of the book direct from the author at £4.99 each plus postage (discounts are available for teachers, conservation groups and wholesale). Email: bradley-martin2@sky.com

Website: www.skyhunterbooks.co.uk

The BOCN, supported by the Sheepdrove Trust has provided help towards the publishing costs of the book and monies raised from sales will go towards barn owl nestboxes.

Colin Shawyer
Barn Owl Conservation Network Founder and Co-ordinator UK and Ireland

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