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Topic: Congregating barn owls
Posted by: Beverly Wilkerson
Date/Time: 6/24/2016 12:59:02 PM
We have had a female barn owl living in a palm tree on our ranch in Northern California for several years.  Every evening when she heads off to work, she circles about our heads and makes her clicking noise ,we like to think that she is letting us know that she is off and to take care of her tree while she is out. Babe does not trouble our chickens or small dogs or even the feral cats with kittens but hunts rodents exclusively.  She has came out of her nest and assassinated a noisy blackbird in mid day when the group was purposely disturbing her rest. About 2 weeks ago, the only other time that I've seen her in day light, she was chased home by a gang of small birds.  They were represented by one of each species of birds that frequent the ranch.  That evening things started getting weird and owls started showing up. Some nights we have 20 or more that either sit quietly watching or fly back and forth between three trees in our courtyard.  Mostly in silence despite the owls little owlet scretching for its mom.  Which, this is the first time that she has hatched such a noisy owlet and she is prolific and has at least one owlet every year. Mother owl has continued her nightly regiment despite the congregation of barn owls that have suddenly appeared.  Sometimes they will click to each other and disappear in the pine tree, a favorite roost for the smaller birds.  The owls also luminescence seemingly at will.  It this typical owl behavior and what if anything, should we do?

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