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Topic: Owl on an oil rig
Posted by: Cyr
Date/Time: 3/27/2010 9:43:19 PM
Hello,I am an engineer on an oil rig in the Black Sea around 200km from land.  We are all fairly perplexed to see an owl high up in the derrick.Any suggestions of how the owl might have made it onboard?  What might s/he's eating?  (there are lots of little songbirds around the place, but I was under the impression that owls eat rodents). And anything we can do to help her/him? (beef or chicken?).The rig was near the Turkish coast 6 weeks ago, and before that spent 4 months travelling down from Norway.  Could s/he have come onboard 6 weeks ago and be living off the songbirds?I have a photo which I will try and upload and attach to this message.RegardsCyr

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